Oliver Turns One

Oliver Turns One

My little Munchkin turned one August 14th this year! Time flew by from when the time I was holding him in my tummy to now.  He has brought so much joy and unbelievable love to our home and it truly is an amazing gift to have children.  Motherhood is no easy task. You realize that these little lives have real human emotions and thoughts and desires and you are in charge of molding those into upright and normal behaviors….. yet…..  My self-worth is not based upon this child nor should I ever put that pressure on him either. My self-worth is in Jesus Christ first and showering him in that truth and love is the healthiest thing I can do as a parent!… because trust me… when your one year old won’t eat anything at dinner you feel reallllll good about yourself… or when he discovers a dirty diaper and unwraps it and get it all over his room you may just want to quit life…. true happenings…. *don’t ask* and it can slowly chip away at you if you aren’t grounded in something more stable.  Kids need stability more than anything and man that alone is a full days work!


I always believe that God is first and foremost in charge of this little life and it’s my privilege to strive and raise him the best way I can to instill a great love for Jesus… and maybe some potty training too… haha! But truly Mothers… you are the exact person that these babies need and you were specifically called to raise them.  No one else can do the job better than you simply because you were hand-picked to do this job.  No one else has the same child as you! It’s a beautiful and scary thing all wrapped up in one!


Oliver rocks my world! I am absolutely convinced motherhood is the most meaningful task I will ever embark on.  I can’t believe you are one… well now your like 15 months but these pictures are your little One year old snapshots and I couldn’t be more in love with who you are!!


Big shout out to dad for making Oliver laugh and somewhat look in my direction!!









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